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All our employees work from home. Intakes, assessments and interviews are therefore taken via video call. If an interview or assessment must take place in the office or elsewherethe use of a mask is requiredAll offices are thoroughly disinfected every day and the distance rules are in placeOur team plans a group call twice a week to maintain the team spirit and the bond between all colleaguesBy using online tools, all activities can continue properlyso we are still available with a smile for your recruitment or assessment issues! 

Verpoucke invests in tools such as search robots and artificial intelligence. These search tools ensure that our consultants can find the right candidates faster and invest more time in screening to better match candidate and company culture. Artificial intelligence continues these searches day and night. This also gives an advantage to more difficult vacancies: the search robot is also looking for latent-seeking talents, who do not have a profile on the current job boards. This increases the pool of potential candidates. 

This is also positive for our candidates: at Verpoucke you are not a number, but you are personally guided throughout the process. The time our consultants gain from using these tools is 100% invested in the relationship with our customers and candidates. 

Our candidates are guided throughout the whole process. As a candidateyou are contacted shortly after your application to get feedback on it. By a telephone screening you will get to know the consultant and the job. If a match is found, you will be invited to an interview in one of our offices or via video call.

Also during the selection process at the customer and even when you officially started on the job, our consultants remain available for questions
or comments and active follow-up. 

An assessment centre is a thorough and behavioural evaluation method that allows an accurate prediction of the future performance of the candidate within a predetermined position. Verpoucke therefore examines whether the candidate has the right qualifications and competences to perform the job properly. 

Assessments offer the advantage of having a thorough view of the candidate,  his/her competencies, knowledge and skills, motivation, ambitions and perfectible points. As a result, the personal development starts already during the recruitment process and increases the candidate’s integration and retention considerably! 

Indeed, we focus on all types of technical and technical-commercial profiles, specificly in the following sectors: 

  • Industry & manufacturingthis includes all manufacturing and production companies. 
  • Construction & installation: construction companies, real estate, installation companies, … 
  • Transport & logistics: air, road and railway, warehousing, storage companies, … 
  • Energy & Utilities: energy companies, offshore and onshore, utility companies, … 
  • FMCG: sales organizations, consumables, … 

One of our greatest added values is “unburdening” our customersIf you hire a recruitment agency, you don’t want to still screen all CVsconduct all interviews, … Because of our innovative way of working (AI, search robots, …) we can quickly find more qualitative candidates, so that our consultants  have the time to screen a candidate optimally and find the match between the culture and knowledge of the candidate against the needs
of the client.

We do 
not focus on quantity, but only present the most qualitative candidates with a report that contains relevant information. That way everyone saves
time. In addition, we guarantee the continuity of every partnership: both clients and candidates are guided from the start to even after the recruitment (onboarding and retention).

Our candidates can expect a personal approach. Instead of emailing back and forth 100 times, in a telephone conversation we will discuss what you are looking for and what your expectations are of a new job. During the next stage, the interview, the time is also taken to get to know you and to find not only a job match, but also a culture match. We know our customers well and know which personalities will thrive in their environment. So it is certainly important to take the time and to work thoroughly, so that you end up in a company where you want to continue working for the rest of your life!

Transparency is key in our collaboration. On our website you will find a timeline that perfectly shows what the process looks like and what timing is applied. 

Transparency is key in our collaboration. On our website you will find a timeline that perfectly shows what the process looks like and what timing is applied. 

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