Direct & Executive search

What can you expect from us?

Verpoucke guarantees a professional management of your recruitment and selection process.

Driven by a proactive attitude, we will actively approach the market and work from a direct search strategy. We will map out the target group and actively approach it by using the most innovative tools such as artificial intelligence, robots, …..

In the context of the profile sought, the working pattern always consists of a number of steps:

  • Intake and detailed analysis of the context of the vacancy, company culture, vision, etc.
  • Preparation of an advertisement text and video vacancy that can be delivered to candidates;
  • Publication of the vacancy on different channels (job boards, social media,…);
  • Active approach of the mapped target group;
  • Preselection of candidates based on their qualification, experience, motivation, mentality and personalia;
  • Selection interviews;
  • Reference check of the final candidates;
  • Presentation of the best candidates to the client through an in-depth report;
  • Optional assessment centre of the final candidate;
  • Follow-up of all candidates involved during the recruitment process;
  • Follow-up of the recruited candidate after employment and during the warranty period (1 to 3 follow-up interviews);

Why choose Verpoucke?

During the whole process you can count on:

  • A result-driven collaboration with a polyvalent team of consultants;
  • Experience and efficiency;
  • Alignment of company culture and human capital;
  • A single point of contact;
  • Intensive follow-up of client and candidate;
  • Competence-oriented analyses;
  • Extensive reporting;
  • Transparency regarding the status of the procedure;