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Assessment & Development

Do you have an assessment or development scheduled soon? Read here how it works…

An assessment or a development centre is an enriching experience that allows you to reflect on yourself and your job. You can see it as an opportunity to explore your motivation, discover your personality and demonstrate the skills needed for the particular position.

Our assessors are there to assess your skills, but are also experienced psychologists who will make you feel at ease, guide you and answer your questions during the day of the assessment. They are dynamic, personal and open, so don’t worry!


And in practice?

An assessment can take place face-to-face or online, without compromising on our  professionalism and your comfort. With an online assessment you will receive a link to log in the day of the assessment. Check if your microphone and webcam are working properly.

And the role of the assessor?

  • Support before, during and after the assessment
  • Flexible scheduling of your assessment and briefing about how to prepare.
  • Defining the competence profile for your “future” employer
  • Feedback and advice that will guide during your future career

What about reliability, validity and integrity?

  • Experienced assessors who graduated in psychology
  • Collaboration with reliable partners/ market leaders for our assessment tools
  • Objective analysis through the participation of an observer
  • Representation of a particular moment for a particular position that in no way determines your abilities in your current position
  • Predictability and validity of the analysis for one year and only for the company and the targeted function
  • Transparency of the results
  • Your dtaa will be treated completely confidentially
  • Quality label recognized by “Federgon”

The advice of our assessors:

  • Rest well to have enough focus and energy!
  • Provide sufficient time for the assessment.
  • Provide a calm and conducive environment.
  • Be yourself! This is the best preparation.
  • Make sure you have a good overview of the position you are applying for.