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Assessment & Development Tools

What exercises can I expect? 

The range of tests is customized (level, sector, function, …) 

Diversification in administration (interactive, PC) and the type of tools used: 

  • Personality and motivation questionnaire,… 
  • Proficiency Tests 
  • Reasoning tests (verbal, numerical, inductive, etc.) 
  • Role-playing 
  • Case analysis and presentation exercises 
  • In-basket exercise 
  • Competency-oriented interview 


A personality questionnaire: Displays your personality in 3 categories: relationships with people, thinking style and feelings and emotions. Answer this questionnaire by thinking carefully about your personality at work and not in the private domain. Be spontaneous and avoid pauses so as not to affect your consistency score. 


Proficiency Test: This objectively measures your abilities for a particular skill, such as planning, accuracy, language testing, Office testing. These exercises are performed in a certain timing. Watch your time carefully. Although you are supposed to answer them independently, feel free to ask the assessor questions if you don’t understand something. 


Reasoning test: There are several reasoning tests; the most commonly used are verbal, numerical and inductive reasoning tests. 

  • The verbal reasoning test is specifically designed to measure your understanding and interpretation of written texts.
  • The numerical reasoning test demonstrates your ability to quickly understand numerical information, solve math problems, and make sound, logical decisions based on numbers and other information provided in the questions.
  • The inductive reasoning test assesses your logical cognitive skills. You can practice this type of test for free via this link. Make sure you have a good balance between quality and quantity in your answers.

A role play:
 In this scenario, the assessor can take on different roles to put you in a practical work situation. 

Just be yourself and act like you would in real life. Use the preparation time to anticipate possible scenarios and prepare for the conversation. Make use of the information you are given. Don’t be afraid to take notes as you prepare. 


An online mailbox: You are in a fictitious company and have to solve the problems that arise. Your efficiency in processing a range of information in the form of emails and/or other documents will be assessed. This gives us an indication of your organizational, planning, delegating or, at a higher level, a whole range of elements specific to managing a team. 

For these exercises it is important to have a good overview of the instructions you receive. Don’t be afraid to take notes as you prepare and use them while you take the test. 


An analysis and presentation exercise: On the basis of received information, you provide an analysis and a judgment about a particular problem. This gives us an indication of your ability to analyse, to make decisions, to formulate a clear opinion to your management. These exercises are oral or written. 

For these exercises it is important to properly divide the time you are given between the analysis and the treatment of the problem, as well as the preparation of your possible presentation. Use all the resources at your disposal.