We are Verpoucke

Our vision

Pro-activity, innovation, dynamics, focus, engagement, … are some of the key values of Verpoucke.

In our approach, we strive to be a sparring partner for both the client and the candidate. After all, the key to success lies in a perfect match between these two. Culture, management style, interest, motivation, knowledge and experience must always be viewed from the perspective of the employer and the employee. Intensive guidance from a professional and independent partner is therefore crucial to support both parties in the fundamental decision they are going to make.

We are not only looking for short-term solutions, but aiming for a long-term relationship between customer and candidate. The ambition of one party must be in relation to the perspectives that the other can offer!

Recruitment is successful if the right person is attracted to an organization. We strongly believe that a proactive market approach, in which latent job seekers are also informed, leads to the best results. We prefer to steer the recruitment process rather than to undergo it and thus we aim to actively contribute to the success of others!

Making people feel confident and valuable in their job by highlighting their talents and by integrating their points for development into a coaching process leads to more success and – above all – a lot of job satisfaction. Our assessment and development centers provide these insights and can be useful for recruitment, promotion and development. Connecting in a proactive, sustainable way, that’s our vision.